Connor Reichenbach
composer and musician
for media and ensembles

Featured Compositions

Below are a few select pieces I composed. If you would like to see more of what I have done, the buttons on the right will take you to either my Soundcloud or a document (not available on mobile) listing all of my works, both acoustic and digital. Perusal Scores are available for featured works
List of Compositions
The Tiger Chase - Title Theme

Composed in Fall, 2017

The following is a chiptune theme I wrote for Adam Harris's mobile game, The Tiger ChaseThe Tiger Chase can be downloaded for free on IOS and Android, mobile devices, and it features an unnamed protaginst who is on the run from a wild pack of tigers! Will he outrun the pack? Can he even outrun 50 of them?! It all comes down to you!
River, for solo clarinet (in A or Bb)

Composed in Fall, 2017
Performer: Connor Reichenbach (clarinet in A)

River is a piece for solo clarinet that explores the rising and falling felt from floating atop a river's current. Whether it is for the sake of fun or lounging, floating along a river's current can be a relaxing yet stressful time. Floaters have to worry about getting stuck in currents, keeping their heads above water, and also making sure they don't hit too many rocks or land masses. However, with that stress in mind, relaxing can be easy when water carries a person along its seemingly infinite flow. There can be lots of sights and sounds to indulge in like interesting rock formations, forests, bird songs and the chirping of wildlife. I would hope this piece elicits the latter peace rather than the prior stress, but I hope River is enjoyed all the same!
Clarinet in A
Clarinet in Bb